Successful brand launch:
RTi takes the leap from the US to Europe

As an independent provider, RTi helps plastics processors reduce their plastics material purchasing costs. A company with long-standing success in the US, RTi founded a European agency in 2010 and commissioned Lüling Marketing with planning and short-term implementation of the company’s entry into the European market.

A communication concept that works in the US cannot be applied to Europe without cultural adaptations. Hence, Lüling Marketing, an agency with a profound insight into the European plastics segment developed a suitable strategy to help RTi move into the European market. Within just a few weeks, Lüling Marketing implemented the new strategy and helped RTi Europe consolidate its position in the European market.

In addition to creative solutions and a strategic set of activities, Lüling Marketing focused on the development of a claim that would enhance the US parent company’s logo and convey the benefit for European customers of RTi Europe. An Internet site, business equipment and image flyer completed the company’s profile. Press releases in several languages and an exhibition stand concept for the K trade show launched the brand.

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