QUALITY MOLDING powered by Kistler:
The new quality seal

Kistler Instrumente AG is the leading international manufacturer of pressure and temperature sensors for the plastics processing industry. The company with headquarters in Switzerland develops and manufactures sensors and systems for integral quality monitoring of injection moulding processes.

In 2010, Kistler followed a recommendation devised by Lüling Marketing for the acquisition of new customers and the enhanced promotion of the company among an even wider circle of injection moulding specialists. Lüling Marketing emphasized the need to highlight the main benefits for customers of Kistler technology: quality assurance and zero-reject production of injection moulded products.

Lüling Marketing designed a seal with international significance that now characterizes Kistler’s international image in the plastics industry – from product label, brochures, documents and direct marketing right through to on-line and printed advertisements. The QUALITY MOLDING seal was the hallmark of Kistler’s presentation at the K 2010 trade show.

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