An invitation conveys premium quality:
Gerresheimer opens TCC in the US

Gerresheimer Regensburg develops and produces premium-quality special products mainly for the pharmaceutical and life science industries. Gerresheimer’s Medical Plastic Systems Division specializes in the development and technology of medical plastic systems for diagnostics, laboratory and pharmaceutical applications. Gerresheimer operates two Technical Competence Centers (TCC), one in Germany and one in the US, with a focus on the development of plastic products.

The TCC in the US combines important cross-departmental functions that arise before the product is ready for series production under one roof. As part of the preparations for the official opening of the TCC in the US, Lüling Marketing was assigned to the tasks of designing and implementing a premium-quality, two-stage invitation mailing to selected guests. This included a concept, the drafting of the appropriate text in two languages and the graphic design.

The elaborate title concept directs the reader’s focus to one particular part of the image. The first four-page mailing makes the targeted OEMs curious and they want to find out exactly what this think tank can achieve for them. The second, twelve-page mailing substantiates the idea presented in the title. The reader’s focus is now on the TCC’s core departments and competencies. Although this mailing provides mostly detailed information, it also gives a concise overview of the extensive agenda as well as practical advice on registration, travel schedules and overnight accommodation. The result: a perfect invitation that conveys the premium-quality standards of the host.

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