Overall perfection. Detailed precision:
geba Group’s communication activities

geba group is a manufacturer of compounds made from engineering plastics and also cooperates with Bayer MaterialScience AG for the production of the Desmovit® TPU compound range. The family-owned company with headquarters in the German region of Westphalia operates more than 25 extrusion lines and its own R&D department as well as technical centres, testing and coloristics laboratories in Germany, Austria and Spain.

Geba has clearly positioned itself as a major player in the compounding industry and moved far ahead of the competition. This achievement is emphasized by the new company brochure – planned, written and designed by Lüling Marketing.

“Overall perfection. Detailed precision” is the leading claim of the twenty-page company brochure featuring an overview over the company group, the product portfolio and the company’s services package including numerous consultancy, development and testing services. Lüling Marketing developed this highly accurate claim after thorough analysis of its customer’s communication requirements and also took into account customer specifications. Matching the claim, the content was written and structured with professional expertise. A high-quality design with characteristic, industry-specific key visuals creates an unmistakable appearance. The brochure was written in several languages and the concept was continued with success. The design concept was also applied to an invitation mailing for K 2010, the company’s K exhibition stand and advertising in specialist publications of the geba Group.

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