B2B professionals with a keen knowledge
of your business and industry will relieve you
of your workload.

As an independent, owner-operated agency with an international network, Lüling Marketing GmbH provides you with neutral and objective consultancy. We are experienced graphic and media designers, engineers and business economists, specialist publication editors and PR specialists, translators as well as management assistants in publishing and advertising.

With the combined force of our expertise and our capacities, we will provide transparent processes and easily traceable operations while implementing your communication projects with a high degree of professionalism and strict adherence to deadlines. As specialists for business-to-business marketing we have been active in regional and international markets since 2004, e.g. for customers in major German cities such as Stuttgart, Frankfurt and Düsseldorf as well as in Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, the UK and the US.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you want to find out more about our energetic and competent team. Excellent service, fast track decision processes and a hands-on, practical approach characterize our work. Many customers have told us that they enjoyed working with us.

Markus Lüling
Diploma in Machine Engineering / Polymer Engineering
Consultant, Managing Director
Toralf Gabler
Diploma in Chemistry
Specialist publication editor
Oliver Schneider
Diploma in Communication Design (FH)
Creative Director
Sigrid Seffner
Graphic Design
and Production
Lüling Marketing GmbH ⋅ Luitpoldstr. 5 ⋅ D-91207 Lauf an der Pegnitz ⋅ Tel. +49 (0)9123-96090 ⋅ E-Mail: info@lueling-marketing.com